Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

henri matisse, epson multimedia projectors, envelopes,silly bandz, grass seed, knee highs, pots of gold, math, sharpie markers, and chocolate syrup

by karen #1965 third grade teacher
this is a table in my room last chaos...that is how my life is right now...everything happening all at once...big stuff...all at one not do an art project? i use my multimedia projector and teach a little henri matisse to my kiddos and my teacher friend's kiddos...
now if you don't have one of these, teaching can't possibly be near as find a way to get one of these...costs about $1,000...hook that sucker up to your computer and Bingo! (that is one of my lines in the play that i am in)...your teaching skills will improve 57% (like heinz 57 chevy)...i don't care how good or bad you are...anyway...i used this interactive site to teach matisse...
i found this site about henri was so cool...if you don't know about it...well, check it out...if you don't read anything else on this blog or do anything else on this blog...well read that and go won't be disappointed...and if you are disappointed...go get a peanut buster parfait from dairy queen....
side story ever heard of these dang silly bandz?...well, they are the new deal in town...check them out..
they are the thing...
you can check these two out on this little tater's arm...
so here is how the project evolved...
the beginning!
risk taking!
a young mind at work!
getting jiggy with it!
oh yeah!
busy hands!
more busy hands!
what a mess!
finished project
 matisse surrounded by kid's art!

so some things in the title...some things have not been you are wondering...aren't you?..what's up with the knee highs?...well they are for a science put grass seed in the knee high...about 2 tablespoons of grass put dirt in the knee high on top of the grass seed....then, you tie a knot in the knee high...and then you place the knee high with the dirt and the grass seed in a small cup with water with the grass seed on get some paint pens and paint a face on the knee high...and you wait for the grass seed to grow...and eventually you have a funny little creature...growing hair...kinda like a homemade chia pet...maybe i will show you the finished results sometime...anywho...remember the chia pet?
check this out...wowza!...a chia car...LOL!
i was gonna talk about the envelopes, the chocolate syrup, the math, the sharpies, and the pots of gold...well forget that...that would be really boring after the chia car...
it is only appropriate to end with this song...

when you're strange, faces come out of the rain.when you're strange, no one remembers your name, when you're strange, when you're strange, when you're strange. (the doors, 1967)
happy march 3, 2010!

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  1. Hey Sis - PK4 classes here make the Chia Pets with Knee Highs....when the hair gets long enough - then they have a "Make-Over" can dress up the new HAIR-DO's on beauty shop day with you new chia pet..kinda like when Ma Wini would go to B's For Beauty in Butler, GA! These pets are HILARIOUS! I love this project for any age. Cool link to Matisse! 1969