Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Easter...Patterns! (Bunnies, Chics, Ketch Up & Eggs)

Hey y'all - it tis' me 1969! We are back from a TJBVA Volleyball Tournament in Middleberg, I am all ready to do a post here today / tonight!  Ok, so the week before spring break and all through my classroom kids were excited to be almost through with testing and needing to finish up our current lesson. So, here is a fun filler lesson we did if you were done with "KETCH UP"  The kids know when I put a photo of a bottle of Ketch Up on the dry erase board that we need to finish up a lesson!I wanted us to be 90% caught up for our next art lesson after spring break and after Easter! So, I had some examples that I left on the table from print outs from some cool bunnies and chics coming out of patterned eggs. I thought these were pretty successful for a filler lesson with kids so who were testing and ready for a week long break!

Got any idea how creative people boil eggs to decorate for EASTER?  
Well, sometimes we go to the beach and do it on the back deck with a gas fish fryer...yep, Mr. Left Brain's Idea! I do believe this might constitute as one of those remarks of know you could be a redneck when...anywho! The kids loved it and we were VERY successful with our decorating. I don't know why we love Easter so in the Cochran Family but we do. I guess it goes back to your up-bringin'...our great grandmother, Mary Frances Cochran....aka "MUER" would put on the DAWG at Easter time out in Rupert, GA. Yep, Yep, Yep, she would have all kinds of good fancy finger food, a cousin egg hunt and many memories for us now! It is just a continuation of a Cochran family tradition. I want 1965's kids and my child to get that Easter is important not only because of Jesus....but because of family....yaknowwhatimeanbutterbean???

So, last year - we did a fire pit egg boiling and decorating with some friends! I hope you are making memories for your family! Good times!!!!! Happy Sunday - xox, Kim 1969

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  1. hey 1969, remember that time that vicki lovvorn and mama were sitting in the swing at muer's just a swinging and the swing flipped them out....LOL!