Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Saturday, March 6, 2010

getting lucky and puppy love...

by karen #1965 third grade teacher so we had to do some art for st. patty's is teacher friend, j.g., always throws a buncha stuff at me...after she gets thru tossing all this junk my mind starts to that is how that project happened...j.g. (which is a meaders' pottery the way!) threw this and that and this and that...cause she has been teaching 27 years and has lots of stuff to toss my way to get my mind cranking...and here is what the 1965 soul sister mind assimilated and produced for the kids to make...take a look...

so..need some steps?
here ya go...
step 1....organize your desk....LOL!
step 2...get ur supplies ready...
step 3...start cutting stuff...
and you got a little irish something to hang up in your classroom or on your refrigerator...and on march 17, get you some green sherbet & ginger ale and celebrate st. patrick's day...........and isn't about is mostly about hard work...and determination...and focus...if you do get lucky, share your luck with others...cause it ain't all about u!............with a little luck.with a little luck.with a little luck, a little luck, a little luck.with a little luck.with a little luck.with a little luck, a little luck, a little luck.(paul mccartney & wings, 1978)....happy march 6, 2010.

p.s.when i was in third grade, i had a black poodle named buttons.buttons and i were day, a big furniture truck came down the road.the furniture truck hit buttons and i saw it.i ran out there to see if buttons was still alive.he looked up at me and then was march post is for buttons...the best dog a little girl could ever have!


  1. 1965- awe...Buttons ...sigh! Coolzy post. I bet Renee E would love this if she was reading and looking and not on FB playing Bejeweled! LOL- 1969

  2. Well lookie here your friend Renee is loving this and reading it too. She wouldn't be playing those mindless games had it not been for one of the Soul Sisters getting her hooked. Also, she wouldn't be having to play so often if Kim weren't pushing up her score so often.:-)
    I too had a great little black poodle too! His name was Herbie so this post is something that I can relate to as well.

    Crossing paths with the 2 Soul Sisters has been special for me because you are two of the most creative, fun and talented women I know! Love being a follower...

  3. I was having fun & jamming out, till the poodle story. Poor buttons.

  4. hey you semi-slacker!u crack me up!