Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just Clowning Around With Kindergarten (elephants that paint???)

So, We are "Just Clowning Around" with Kindergarten at HCES. You see they are getting ready for their Kindergarten Circus...which is a big deal. And, of course they
 needed some super cool artwork to go along with the circus musical theme. We used 12x18 white drawing paper and created clowns. The kids colored them and outlined them with black markers. Then we cut them out and glued them to a funky colored 12x18 piece of construction paper. I think they are pretty hilarious! Kinda makes me wanna giggle when I look at them! I mean, all of the kids got the same instruction and each clown is such a unique creation...from BIG red feet to a couple named BOB. Hee hee....
elephant painting
Have you ever seen an elephant that could paint?  Check out this link here  It is true....elephants can paint! Check out this YouTube video of Kelly Ann, she is a Ringling Brothers Circus joke...see for yourself...the elephant

At Becky's Book Review, I found this informative review about a super cool book!

ELEPHANTS CAN PAINT TOO by Katya Arnold is a great nonfiction book for young readers. Arnold takes a simple and informative approach to writing. “I teach in two schools. One is in the city. The other is in the jungle. Some of my students have hands. Others have trunks.” She then proceeds to show page by page the similarities and differences between teaching painting to human children and to elephants. Informative sidebars provide more information about elephants without interfering with the flow of the simple text. “Some students eat grass. Others eat peanut butter and jelly. But they all love cookies.” The corresponding side bar reads “Elephants are vegetarians that eat grass, leaves, twigs, and fruit. They also like human food, especially ice cream. Each day they eat about three hundred pounds of food (as much as twelve cows eat) and drink thirty-five gallons of water (as much as a whole bathtub full). They use their trunks to put the food into their mouths and to slurp up the water.” Arnold’s use of comparisons is useful for explaining things to both children and adults. Her writing can also be humorous, one sidebar reads, “Elephants have 150,000 muscles in their trunks. (Our entire body has only 639 muscles.) Some elephants hold the brush by wrapping their trunks around it. Others hold it inside their trunks. If an elephant throws the brush away or eats it, he probably won’t become an artist.” But by far the greatest highlight of ELEPHANTS CAN PAINT TOO are the photographs by the author, Katya Arnold. There is an author’s note providing more information about how you can buy elephant art and support the Asian elephants.

Ok, as I was about to close, I did one more search and found this cool site that had information on 

Check it out....this was done by an elephant and is selling for $750.00! WOWZA....
Hong #075
Thanks for stopping by for a bit! xox, Kim 1969

a cross with beads and a bucket list

by karen #1965 3rd grade teacher Sunday, April 4, is EASTER, it is time for a little preachy you see...i did this cross here for my friend...
and it is probably 1 1/2 feet x 1 foot...i did it cause i had a lot of beads and i had a lot of wire...and i thought...hmmm...i need to do something with these beads and i did...i wrapped the wire...and wrapped it...and wrapped it...and then i attached the beads...and then i gave the cross AWAY ...

you know what JESUS gave AWAY?...HE gave HIS life away...on the i could make the cross for a i could live forever and ever with HIM in Heaven...i sometimes wonder what HE will have me doing in Heaven...i sure hope it is something artsy like putting beads on the angels' halos...and not organizing stuff in the mansions...but i will do whatever with a happy face smile cause it is infinity times better than being with that old bad devil and his bad self...that devil has caused me a buncha confusion on planet earth...i am not gonna miss him when i get to the end of my time to check off my bucket list...i found this art when i googled bucket list...i liked it...look.
hey u...go to church on Easter Sunday and other Sundays if you like...have you ever been to worship and said..???..hmmm.???..i wish i would not have gone..???.probably not...usually you are always glad you is like when you go out and run or walk a few miles...when you are done, do you say..???.dang, i wish i would not have done that? just look at yourself in the mirror and i am sure glad i went out for that walk...

when i die i want this song played at my is an Easter Sunday song...and i always am kinda sad when they don't sing it...i guess if i die near Easter, it will be okay...but, it i die some other time...well it will be kinda weird.........but hey, there could be worse things....i could want jingle bells played at my is the song...if i don't hear it Sunday morning, well i guess i can come home and check it out on you tube...Low in the Grave He Lay...i don't know who this chick is...but i liked her...had a hard time finding a decent version of this amazing song...this jessica chick...tho...she rocks it out pretty good...

Low in the grave He lay, Jesus my Savior,
Waiting the coming day, Jesus my Lord!


Up from the grave He arose,
With a mighty triumph o’er His foes,
He arose a Victor from the dark domain,
And He lives forever, with His saints to reign.
He arose! He arose!
Hallelujah! Christ arose!
Vainly they watch His bed, Jesus my Savior;
Vainly they seal the dead, Jesus my Lord!


Death cannot keep its Prey, Jesus my Savior;
He tore the bars away, Jesus my Lord!

(Robert Lowry, 1826-1899)

Happy March 30, 2010!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Easter...Patterns! (Bunnies, Chics, Ketch Up & Eggs)

Hey y'all - it tis' me 1969! We are back from a TJBVA Volleyball Tournament in Middleberg, I am all ready to do a post here today / tonight!  Ok, so the week before spring break and all through my classroom kids were excited to be almost through with testing and needing to finish up our current lesson. So, here is a fun filler lesson we did if you were done with "KETCH UP"  The kids know when I put a photo of a bottle of Ketch Up on the dry erase board that we need to finish up a lesson!I wanted us to be 90% caught up for our next art lesson after spring break and after Easter! So, I had some examples that I left on the table from print outs from some cool bunnies and chics coming out of patterned eggs. I thought these were pretty successful for a filler lesson with kids so who were testing and ready for a week long break!

Got any idea how creative people boil eggs to decorate for EASTER?  
Well, sometimes we go to the beach and do it on the back deck with a gas fish fryer...yep, Mr. Left Brain's Idea! I do believe this might constitute as one of those remarks of know you could be a redneck when...anywho! The kids loved it and we were VERY successful with our decorating. I don't know why we love Easter so in the Cochran Family but we do. I guess it goes back to your up-bringin'...our great grandmother, Mary Frances Cochran....aka "MUER" would put on the DAWG at Easter time out in Rupert, GA. Yep, Yep, Yep, she would have all kinds of good fancy finger food, a cousin egg hunt and many memories for us now! It is just a continuation of a Cochran family tradition. I want 1965's kids and my child to get that Easter is important not only because of Jesus....but because of family....yaknowwhatimeanbutterbean???

So, last year - we did a fire pit egg boiling and decorating with some friends! I hope you are making memories for your family! Good times!!!!! Happy Sunday - xox, Kim 1969

Saturday, March 27, 2010

a memory painting, cool australia, people to people, and a daughtersick mama

by karen #1965 3rd grade teacher last summer, my daughter was a part of a People to People group that went to australia...People to People...President Eisenhower started the program in 1956...the website says this, "the purpose of people to people international is to enhance international understanding and friendship, through educational, cultural, and humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among peoples of different countries and diverse cultures..." me really tell you what it is an opportunity for teenagers to go off on a trip far away for 20 days with folks they do not know...and they get to know...and they do a bunch of cool a buncha cool a buncha cool now you are this a blog about art or People to People?...well anyway...while she was gone...i missed my girl so much...i did her a...ah...well...i guess you can call it a "base" painting for her to put all her memories on the painting when she returned from the trip...her memories are the swirl...she did the swirl writing with a black paint here is what it looks like upside down...yeah, well i took the picture upside down accidentally...and i am not changing it cause i got a migraine and you don't care anyway...and by now, if you read this blog enough, you know i do things a little upside down...

so...i end this post with a song by a famous australia artist that i knew back in the 1970s...

Please, Mr., please, don't play B-17,
It was our song, it was his song, but it's over
Please, Mr., please, if you know what I mean
I don't ever wanna hear that song again.
(Olivia Newton-John, 1975)

oh...i almost forgot...a side grandmama (i called her mama winnie...her name was WINIFRED)... loved her country music and i was a product of the year 1965...and i did not like country music or pontiacs...i like kiss, boston, and shaun cassidy... and day me and mama winnie were cruising around that small town, georgia, we lived in...and she had that dang country music blaring (she was hard of hearing, but she could sho nuff cook)...and the song above came on the country music station...WDEN outta macon, georgia...i was in utter amazement...mama winnie's station was playing pop music...mama winnie was singing "please, mr., please" & from that day on...It was our and mama winnie had a song...i loved me some mama winnie...when i get to the pearly gates, i am gonna get st. peter to page her first thing...we will have lots to catch up on!...if you run across a jolly lady with a big smile in heaven named mama winnie, not tell her that pontiac shutdown in 2010...okay?...........happy march 27, 2010!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wanna Go Fish????

This artsy fartsy lesson is pretty explanatory with the visual you see above....don't ya think?  We took the hands and feet of PK4 kids and created a FISH! We used warm and cool colors. We framed this and auctioned it off at our GALA. Later we made photos of the art and created stationary cards from them with KidsKards....such a cool creative idea for our HCES young artist! I LOVE IT! Just thinkin' about FISHIN' with Spring Break just around the corner!
Happy Day to ya....xoxo 1969

Thursday, March 25, 2010

a big laptop-sized Easter egg and a big yellow bird

by karen #1965 third grade teacher need a eggy project?...well, i have an easy one for you...get a big sheet of any color of paper (i used white) cut it in the shape of an you may say, what is big?...well, to me, a big egg is about the size of laptop if you open it all the way...maybe that big plus a teeny tiny bit more...anyway...cut a big egg out...cut small snips of tissue paper...lots of color...cause 1965 just loves some color...and make a mixture of glue and water...and glue those tissues down on the big laptop egg...and this is whatcha get...
now i wanna have a side thot with you...a side thot is like a side story, but it is a thot in the head of i was thinking...this is a very simple project...but when you get 13 eggs or 57 eggs together...well, it looks really cool...i it the color...and i don't think so...i think it is the BIG....cause eggs are really is the big me here...think about it...we like our things....some things are naturally big or naturally take people for instance...people are big...babies are small...what do we say when we see babies...awwwwww...she is so what about coke? i have a big 12 ounce coke and a small 7.5 ounce coke...take a look...which one folks?

you would pick the small 7.5 ounce and more...and this would be looking at it from the other direction...suppose you have a choice of a big lava lamp or a small lava lamp...?
here is a small lava lamp...
here is a big lava lamp...
which one made you!...the big one of course...
now...speaking of know who this is with mr. rogers?...
oh is big bird...and big bird lays big eggs........hey i'll end this with my 1969 sis's favorite show theme song when we were growing up...

Sunny Day
Sweepin' the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet
Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame Street

wanna know the year it was released?

happy march 25, 2010!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Visiting Artist: Anne Hempel local Tallahassee Artist

Anne Hempel has lived in Tallahassee, Florida most of her life. She started dabbling with painting furniture six years ago for part time work. She has been in education for 11 years as a reading tutor, an elementary classroom teacher, a teacher of English in Japan. Recently, she decided to leave education to pursue decorative painting as a full-time occupation. She was born in Lexington, Kentucky where her grandmother, who is also an artist, still resides.

Anne is an alumni of HCES, so she agreed to come in one day and met with several classes to talk about her art work. This was such a cool treat for me and for the students. Anne was great. She showed her original works of art and allowed the kids to pass them around. We used the LCD projector in the art room to show her webpage on the big screen to look at some of her most recent work form her studio.

Prior to Anne's visit, I did a unit with the kids on Hempel's work. The kids really liked this project. We used 12x18 colored construction paper and tempera paint. To prepare for our visit from Anne, we hung up lots of our examples of her work in the art room. The room was filled with tons of CREATIVE energy. She spent one morning with us. Talked about how she got started and why she paints the subject matter that she paints. She also had the kids paint a huge canvas to be auctioned off at our annual GALA. The peacock platter was another item that she rendered and the kids glazed for the auction.

You can see all of our artwork on Artsonia Anne Hempel Unit. Check it our when you have time. For more information, you may visit Anne’s website at

Thanks for dropping by! xox, Kim 1969

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

shapes UP in the spring and go fly a kite!

by karen #1965 3rd grade teacher now i am a third grade teacher...and i gotta get those 3Rs in...Reading, and wRiting, and aRithmetic...well this is about you see.we were studying polygons...i mean i taught it...we showed some videos...i sent a study sheet home for parents to work with kids...and dang if some kids still thought this shape was a polygon.....some of you looking at this blog may think...awww...such a lonely heart...BUT A LONELY HEART IS NOT A POLYGON...
so i is the answer...go i got these kids to tearing shapes into polygons like so...

once again, my room would qualify for the messiest in the school...(side i have a mini trampoline in my classroom...and the weirdest thing soon as we get some music going...and get the art juices flowing...i start seeing kids move over towards the trampoline and sneak  a few jumps...and that is so rule only can jump 10 jumps on the trampoline at the beginning of the day or the end of the day...but...for some kids...the creative juices start flowing and bouncing right under the kiddies little feet...sometimes you just gotta turn ur head and be happy they are happy) folks..not using scissors can freak them out...i said TORN PAPER folks! i have one of my most artsiest students getting jiggy with the scissors...look...

now...the funny thing is...i didn't even notice...i have been told that i am not very observant...but i sat there and watched miss artsiest cut with those scissors and i was like, "oh, miss artsiest...that is so it.."...but miss artsiest usually doesn't follow directions and mrs. 1965 didn't even who cares...of course, mr. math brain noticed...and brought it to my attention...he understood the polygons before i even taught the lesson...i love him, though!

so we cranked out the kites...a polygon here...a polygon there...

until we had some flying polygons...

i think this was a VERY simple activity requiring little prep and little input...and it benefited all...and matisse would be so proud!

so......for the benefit of mr. kite, there will be a show tonight on a trampoline (the beatles, sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band, 1967)

happy march 23, 2010!