Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do you have an Art Behavior ~ "Action Plan" for your class?

Hi-DE-Ho! It 'Tis Me....1969;)
Below is an example of what I send home in the event of an issue in art class that I need parents to be aware of and work with me on helping keep my students on task. I have used this form for years! Each year I pull it out and tweak it a bit to give it a fresh updated look. I can honestly say that I rarely ever have to pull it out to use. Most kids REALLY just flat out enjoy art. But becasue of those Education 101 can bet your bottom dollar that I have them in my class just in case! If anyone is reading and doesn't want to have to re-invent the wheel on this form of documentation - cut and paste and make your own. I am all about sharing...heck, if you got a good idea send me a "shout-out" in the comments section. I would love to hear your creative ideas for what you are doing for classroom management.  (See below for my form)

Art Behavior ~ “Action Plan”


Dear Parent(s),
Education research has consistently demonstrated that when a teacher spends class time managing discipline problems, less “TEACHING” & student “LEARNING” occurs. Disruptive behavior, therefore, is a primary reason for poor student achievement.
I had a problem with the following behavior(s) during Art Class:
 Continually Off Task
 Inappropriate Language
 Mistreated Equipment
 Cooperation / Participation
 Disrespectful To Others

Art Teacher Comments: (this is where I would write about the incident / issue - if I needed to do that to explain something)

Art student & parent(s) PLEASE discuss the following section:

~ If I continue to have this problem, I know I will receive a logical consequence for my inappropriate behavior. This is not a punishment, but more of a reminder or an agreement to do my PERSONAL BEST in art class. Consequences need to be carried out at home or in art class.
I appreciate all the time you have spent this evening helping me work through this “problem solving” action plan. I care deeply about each one of my students & I want them to be a success in all areas of academics!

Student’s Name: Date: ___________________________

Parent(s) Signature:      ___________________________

Homeroom Teacher:    ___________________________
Thank you for your cooperation! Mrs. Daniel ~ Art Teacher HCES

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