Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why is teaching ART the best GIG in town?

By Kim #1969, Lower School Art Teacher

Why is teaching ART the best GIG in town? I don't know how other folks feel but it is a great job to have. Hummmm, let me think of a few reasons; my students remember the elements of art- WOW! Students remember the artist you taught them about & the silly song that you made up for them to remember the artist you taught them about. Parents tell you their kids think YOU are the ONLY adult that has imagination! (You gotta luv this one) You are MAGIC when it comes to crayon batiks and art tricks with clay. Knowing all the kids and parents in car duty line and being able to laugh out loud with them about something silly that happened in art class! Seeing all the student art work, HOW REFRESHING! Having homemade art treasures brought to you at school! (I have had 18+ years of treasures brought to me in my classroom...hee hee) Kids showing you how to fold paper envelopes & make those paper fortune tellers! Overflowing hugs and big smiles. Hearing kids say, "Yes, I have art today!" Artwork all over your desk. Paint on your clothes and a big ole' messy floor. On a more serious methodological note, all children need a variety of experiences to assist them in exploring their environment. Through art, children learn to value their own uniqueness and to appreciate the individuality of others. The teacher needs to choose art activities of variety which will contribute to all aspects of a child's development. Yep, that is my job. Like I said, follow us or check back....we have lots to say about art! Creative thoughts to you on 1-26-10...IT IS WHAT IT IS, so ya might as well make the best of it!

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