Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Saturday, January 23, 2010

elvis loved his mama and cadillacs and i love elvis and art

by karen #1965 3rd grade teacher first post.i noticed 1969 posted some kiddie art.i decided to post some adultie art.i like to college, i had a professor by the name of james herbert.he tried to get me to change my major to painting and drawing.i chose not to it is 20+ years later and i realized he knew what he was talking about...i have been influenced by the great georgia folk artists...finster & is a picture of a painting that i have you can see, i am kinda wordy on my paintings.words are good.without words, it is really hard to read things...and yes, read i stick them on my paintings to say something...usually i try to say something funny...cause i like funny....

the painting is all about gladys and elvis.gladys was elvis' mom.he was a mama's boy, oh can see the back of gladys' head as she drives off into the memphis sunset.of course, the painting does not have a memphis sunset.imagine it.that is part of art...using your imagination.

here is what the painting reads."i gave elvis a guitar in 1946...that he couldn't even play.elvis gave me a cadillac in 1956...that i couldn't drive.elvis learned how to play the guitar...and dance...and sing.i never learned how to drive.elvis didn't care, he just sang that's all right, mama that's all right for you, that's all right mama just anyway you do, well that's all right, that's all right, that's all right mama anyway you do,mama she done told me, papa done told me 2, son that gal your fooling with she ain't no good for you, but that's all right, that's all right now mama, anyway you do, i'm leaving town baby, i'm leaving town for sure, well then you won't be bothered with me hangin' 'round your door, well that's all right, that's all right, that's all right mama now, anyway you do".....then folks....there is a little bumper sticker on the bumper that says' "i like ike because he is gonna build the eisenhower interstate system.i want my boy, elvis, traveling on those good highways in his fancy & fine cadillac.".......and then folks...i wrote "gladys love smith presley 1912-1958"

so why did i pick this painting for my first post???well, gladys' middle name was love...& this painting is pink and red...and 1969 did hearts...and valentine's day is coming that is why folks.

funny thing.gladys only had that cadillac 2 years and then she passed away.she never drove missed some moments by not driving that dang cadillac.hey folks, try not to miss only get so many.........falalalala happy january 23rd! ~1965


  1. Are you selling that? I have a mom, and maybe my aunt, who would really love that! So how much??

  2. i don't know.let me ask gladys how she feels about leaving her nice and warm home.